The main objectives of this project are:

1) Realise an inventory of archive of high spatial resolution airborne data available;

2) Demonstrate the use of UAV systems for accurate mapping of the intertidal bars before and after a storm event;

3) Develop an algorithm for the automated extraction of beach morphology based on RGB imagery;

4) Analyze and model how the intertidal bars are structured in space and time based on a statistical analysis. This will be done using the historical and more recent acquired high spatial resolution airborne dataset;

5) Develop a conceptual model of barred beach morphodynamics incorporating external forcing factors.

Work packages

The research is organized into 4 packages:

-         WP1: Processing of high spatial resolution remote sensing data

-         WP2: Bar dynamic analysis

-         WP3: Forcing factors analysis

-         WP4: Model of intertidal bar morphodynamics