Ongoing Projects

CHARM (2018-2021)

The CHARM project (Chalk Aquifer Management) is a 3-year collaboration between VUB, KWR and De Watergroep. The Chalk Aquifer is a strategic drinking water source in Flanders. 22% of drinking water produced by De Watergroep is pumped from this aquifer. Our knowledge of this aquifer is rather limited: hydraulic parameters are only known at sparse locations and are strongly spatially variable. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to identify all possible sources of uncertainty, so that the capacity of this aquifer can be assessed. Based on the results of the uncertainty analysis, a management tool will be developed so that founded decisions can be made for the quantitative use of this aquifer for drinking water purposes.


Wasis (2017-2021)

Smart WAter Management to Protect the OaSis areas of Morocco based on Integrated Modelling Systems. Funded by VLIR-UOS (TEAM project). Promoters from VUB-HYDR: Prof. Marijke Huysmans and Prof. Ann Van Griensven. Local coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdelkader Larabi, Université Mohammed V de Rabat. Contact:

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VUB coordinates the project P2 on Integrated Water Management in the VLIR-UOS IUC with the UCB in Bolivia. Funded by VLIR-UOS. Contact:

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RESPONSE (2016-2021)

VUB-HYDR is partner in the RESPONSE project on "Reactive transport modelling of point source contamination in soils and groundwater". Funded by: BELSPO BRAIN. Coordinator: SCK-CEN. Partners: VUB, KULeuven, KBIN, UCL. Contact:

Brugeo (2016-2020)

Valorisation of the geothermal potential of the Brussels Capital Region. Funded by FEDER-EFRO Brussel. Coordinator: ULB. Partners: WTCB, BIM, GSB. Team members from VUB-HYDR: Janik Kukral and Prof. Marijke Huysmans. Contact:

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Finished Projects


The project on "Model-based assessment of the potential of seasonal aquifer thermal energy storage and recovery as a groundwater ecosystem service for the Brussels-Capital Region" (2014-2017) is funded by Innoviris. Team members from HYDR: Christian Anibas and Marijke Huysmans.

GROWADRISK (2012-2016)

VUB-HYDR is leading the BELSPO-SSD project 'Drought-related vulnerability and risk assessment of groundwater resources in Belgium'. Team members from HYDR: Boud Verbeiren, Marijke Huysmans, Imeshi Weerasinghe, Okke Batelaan.