PhD Theses


Cas Neyens (2017-ongoing): Reactive transport modelling of point source contamination in groundwater. Promotor: Prof. M. Huysmans.

Janik Kukral (2016-ongoing): (title). Promotor: Prof. M. Huysmans.

Sarah Mbithe Mutua (2014-ongoing): (title). Promotor: Prof. M. Huysmans.

Gert Ghysels (2014-ongoing): Geostatistical characterization of spatially variable riverbed hydraulic conductivity for a better assessment of river-aquifer interactions. Promotor: Prof. M. Huysmans.

Syed Md. Touhidul Mustafa (2013 - ongoing): (title). Promotor: Prof. M. Huysmans.


Pablo Guzmán (2011 - 2015): Identifying Hydrological Processes Controlling Low Flow and Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in an Andean Catchment in Ecuador.

MSc Theses

Henock Awol Muhye (2016-2017): Quantification of river-aquifer exchange flux and its variability with riverbed heterogeneity. Case study of Aa river (Belgium).