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Guzman P., Batelaan O., Huysmans M., Wyseure G. and Anibas C., 2016, Hydrological connectivity of alluvial inter-Andean valleys: a groundwater-surface water interaction case study, Hydrogeology Journal 24(4), 955-969. Link.

Zijl W., El-Rawy M., Schneidewind U., Huysmans M. and Batelaan O., 2016, Hydrodynamics of porous formations: simple indices for calibration and identification of spatio-temporal scales, Marine and Petroleum Geology 78, 690-700. Link.

Possemiers M. Huysmans M., Batelaan O., 2015, Application of multiple-point geostatistics to simulate the effect of small-scale aquifer heterogeneity on the efficiency of aquifer thermal energy storage, Hydrogeology Journal 23(5), 971-981. Link.


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