Starting date of project: October 2015

End: November 2018

Project Consortium: EU universities (UGR-Spain, IHE-Delft + UUtrecht-Netherlands, VUBBelgium; AUTh – Thessaloniki, Greece)

Maghreb Universities (INAT-Tunis, Gafsa/FS-Tunisia, EMI-UM5-Rabat, UIT-Kénitra; Annaba-Algeria; Mascara-Algeria)

Project Summary

The project is designed to create in Maghreb a PhD school in regular PhD programs in water & environment, improve existing prerequisite courses and develop new modern courses to train staff and PhD students, through a regional Hydroplatform establishment based on open GIS and modeling softwares, to follow-up the recent water strategies in Maghreb (2010-2030).This goal is consistent with the HE system reform adopted in Maghreb universities (MA, DZ, TN). Through this JP Maghreb and EU Universities will integrate academic community and will lead to more effective transfer of knowledge, teaching/research skills-methods from EU partners to PC. The specific objectives of the project as follow:

1. Identify GIS and modeling software/training needs for PhD courses in water and environment science for the Maghreb region;

2. Establishment of a regional hydroplatform based on open GIS/modeling/librairies for PCs (MA, DZ, TN), to serve regional needs for research-innovation; sharing hydrological data via an SDI at each PC; and can be easily accessible using online learning techniques.

3. Development of new PhD courses and trainings based on this hydroplaform for post graduate students (regular curricula), staff and continuing education for public & private water companies) in Maghreb PC.

4. Implementation of GIS and modeling tools and librairies to modernise Maghreb PhD programmes for water project design and environment protection, to train PhD students (regular courses) and professionals (continuing education) to efficiently follow-up the new water strategies and master plans (2010-2030) and support Maghreb university staff in education and research-innovation.

List of proposed courses/workshops and trainings for open source modeling:

1. SWAT : Soil and Water Assessment Tools for watershed system (water basin) (VUB)

2. HEC-HMS : Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) designed by the Hydrologic Engineer

Centre to simulate the precipitation-runoff processes of watershed systems

3. Wetspa for Python : A flexible, GIS based, distributed recharge methodology for regional

groundwater modelling (VUB)

4. MODFLOW/GMS : Modeling Groundwater Flow in Aquifer systems

5. WEAP : Water Evaluation And Planning model

6. SWAP/SIMGRO : Soil Water Atmposphere Plant/ Groundwater Simulation Model

7. GeoServer : Software server that allows users to share and edit geospatial data

8. MapServer : A platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications to the


9. GDAL/OGR: Geospatial Data Abstraction Library which is a cross platform library for raster

and vector geospatial data formats

10. RESDEM: Remote Sensing Data Extraction Model

11. PHREEQC: HydroGeochemical Model