The HYDR Green Impact Team


The HYDR Green Impact Team consists of members of the HYDR department and aims to reduce the ecological footprint of the department by providing information, organizing events and raise awareness on the Green Impact project. 

Long-term goals

The HYDR Green Impact Team defined two goals which we want to achieve on the long term:

  • Do half of the travels that can be reached in less than 6 hours by train. We are monitoring all the travels of our department members here.

  • Get involved in university policy on:

    • Recycling

    • Car and transport

    • Divestment

Short-term goals

The HYDR Green Impact Team also defined five short-term sustainable goals:

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room

  • Fix all leaking water sources within the department (i.e. leaking faucet in the kitchen).

  • Inform and involve students in the Green Impact Project. Recently, two IUPWARE students joined the HYDR team.

  • Avoid the use of plastic bottles and cups.

  • Use recycled/not bleached paper and re-use paper as much as possible.